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It’s late night deep talks, dance parties in the kitchen, watching your partner chase their dreams and feeling so proud of them. It's the little everyday moments that are magic. Those are the feelings we document. The moments we freeze in time: your story, your legacy.

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Nichole Pricha

Every person carries a legacy, and I am grateful to have that opportunity to document that with those who feel aligned by my approach and work. There is something so special about observing and witnessing families interact during wedding receptions, how parents embrace each season of life, how couples love on one another.

- Nichole

Your photo experience should feel comfortable and free. With a little guidance from my artistic judgement I love making people feel seen, heard and supported. To me the photo experience will always be more than just taking nice photos. I have always been a very nostalgic person, and that translates a lot into my work.

When I look at photos that are from the past, I love how they feel, and how it reminds me of where I am at in the present. This is why the concept of legacy is so deeply rooted in my work.


nichole + kyle

If you value connection, simplicity, and nostalgia then we are a good fit! It’s important to me that YOU, feel aligned and drawn to the photographer you are hiring. So if you’re looking for traditional posed photos, I might not be the photographer for you and that is okay!

heart + soul + connection are at the center of my business and how I serve my clients.

+ The experience is greater than the photo 
+ Be the photographer you would hire
+ Treat weddings as you would photograph your own family

Editorial feel

Documentary approach

Intentional imagery

our beliefs and values:

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