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It’s late night deep talks, dance parties in the kitchen, watching your partner chase their dreams and feeling so proud of them. It's the little everyday moments that are magic. Those are the feelings we document. The moments we freeze in time: your story, your legacy.

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Nichole Pricha

We want to help people capture their stories—the moments that make up their lives—and preserve them forever. Our goal is simple: we want to help you create an heirloom for your family that will last generations, so that you can pass on the important moments of your life to your children and grandchildren. Because those little moments—the ones where you connect with someone over a late night cup of tea or dance party in the kitchen—are what really matter.

We want to make sure our wedding couples are seen, heard and understood. We do this by being communicative and aligning with your wishes, mindset and vision.

We believe that every wedding is special and unique, and we always strive to capture the essence of each one in a way that feels authentic and honest. We love working with couples who embrace this same mindset, because it allows us to create an experience that is genuine and true to them—and ultimately makes for some of our favorite photographs ever!

Documentary photography is about capturing your story. It's about preserving your legacy.

Your story,
your legacy.

“Nichole has always made the experience great, and the pictures don’t even compare. I love that her style is the perfect magazine-worthy editing while still being authentic. I’ll always trust her vision.” - The Geffre's

"Nichole went above and beyond making sure to capture our engagement session and wedding day in the vision of our relationship. We wanted something to represent our love and she and Kyle delivered the most GORGEOUS photos! We will be able to relive our special day for years to come with these beautiful reminders. I can't recommend Nichole enough, we are so lucky to have had both her and Kyle be a part of our journey!" - The Johnsons

Throw a party with the crew whose love and support helped get you to this moment. Indoor, outdoor, anywhere in the world. Please send an inquiry for our full pricing guide and so we can send you a customized package to fit your vision.

Celebrate your way with your people. [Up to 20 guests starting at $1,200]

Local Elopements

Just you, your love, a jaw-dropping backdrop anywhere in the world, and a day that’s 100% all about connecting with each other. Please send an inquiry for our full pricing guide and so we can send you a customized package to fit your vision.. 

Start your marriage with a grand adventure. [Up to 75 guests starting at $2,200]


A picture never changes, even when the people in it do. You’ve already walked through many seasons together. Please send an inquiry for our full pricing guide and so we can send you a customized package to fit your vision.

A moment, a mood, a memory. 
[choose from 6 - 8 hours at $3,000]



Giving me a little backstory about you as a couple, and as individuals. How did you get to where you are today? What is something you are proud of as a couple? What is your vision for your upcoming wedding? What drew your to my style and approach?

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retainer + date

To secure a date on my calendar I require a 50% refundable retainer and a signed contract. Limited bookings - I try to pour as much of my heart, soul and energy into the couples I work with. Being a mother as well, I try to limit how many weddings I take per year.

the experience

After booking, you’ll get an overview from me on what to expect. I don’t like to drop off the face of the earth, instead I want to keep in contact throughout the process leading up to the wedding. We’ll meet to discuss your wedding day, your goals and intentions, and how I can support you during the process. So come the day of your wedding, you don’t have to feel like you need to check in on me, and vice versa. I really like to feel like a guest at your wedding, be that observer and step in when needed.

Our Process

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Wedding planning can seem overwhelming between announcing your engagement to booking your vendors.

We created a free wedding planning guide for any engaged couple, to intentionally plan out the day. In this guide you'll prioritize what is most important to you, as well as a checklist on what steps to take next.

Free Wedding
Planning Guide

Limited bookings - I try to pour as much of my heart, soul and energy into the couples I work with. Being a mother as well, I try to limit how many weddings I take per year. 

our availability

I’m a very transparent person, and I think being upfront about the investment is super important. Yes, working with me is an investment, but for a reason. I understand you can get photos done “cheaper” but again, this is more than just taking pretty photos. 


We believe that your wedding day is more than just a photo shoot; it's one of life's most important chapters. After spending 3 years shooting weddings, I’ve come to realize that weddings have become this huge event where the little things start to be fussed over, bridal parties get frustrated with taking hours of photos or not taking enough photos, and the couple feels pulled in several different directions.

Our new approach to documenting weddings is about working with couples who do not seek traditional, posed photos. The only posed photos you will be pulled for will be family formals. Other than that, we want to allow the day to unfold naturally. Timeline assistance is still offered, as a guide, not a concrete plan we must abide by. 

We want to encourage couples to enjoy and experience their day, not feel like they spent the entire day to only have remembered a very small part because you were being pulled everywhere.

At the end of the day, I really just want to provide you with honest, creative, and candid imagery of an incredibly monumental milestone in your life. This is about documenting your legacy, honestly and intentionally.

our approach

Timeless + Organic + Nostalgic

A lot of my work is inspired by film and vibrant saturated colors while keeping things true to color. Lighting affects a lot of imagery, so I try to keep consistent with how the lighting was during the given day. Some weddings may seem more bright and saturated do the time of the year. Some weddings are a little bit more moody and overcast. We are also team grain, so expect some grain in your gallery.

editing and style

editorial feel

documentary approach

intentional imagery

documentary photography

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