roman pricing guide template

Done-for-you pricing guides for both weddings and portraits services. Client experience is a huge part of being a photographer, and taking time to create something from scratch can be completely daunting. Especially when you rather focus your energy towards your art, and client communication.

This is why I created these clean and timeless templates. So you can focus more on your art, and less on the creation of a pricing guide. These pricing guides serve as a starting point for you to add your nuances and brand voice.

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Save time and energy so you can focus on your art

Choose from 4 different cover options that fits your brand and aesthetic.

cover options

includes an instructional pdf to walk you through step by step customizing your template to fit your brand and brand voice.

instructional pdf included

Now you're done customizing.. we provide suggestions on delivery methods for clients so you can streamline your workflow.

delivery suggestions

this includes 40 pages that you can customize.. the sky is the limit. 

40+ pages for customization


Example index in wedding template:
cheers / 3
why / 4
about / 6
philosophy / 7
our process / 0
elopements / 10
weddings / 14
our process / 20
albums / 21
engagement session / 25
our approach / 28
portfolio / 29
travel / 30
faq / 33
booking / 34
testimonials / 35

Template is designed within and intended to be used within canva.

Now you can spend less time on technical details, and get back to having fun with your clients and pouring into you artwork.

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With these templates you'll be able to save hours of work and frustration, and show case your brand in an attractive, professional manner.

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