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In this industry it is not enough to just take a pretty photo. Rather what sets us apart is our unique gifts, personality and the experience that we offer to each person who gives the opportunity to take their images.

We created a free interactive workbook on creating your own unique client experience.

So you can better understand the journey you take them on, how to serve them best, and to uplevel your business in a purposeful manner.

Purposeful Education

What set's you apart from everyone else?

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the client experience roadmap

This free workbook is to help you visualize that journey for your clients so you can implement the tools and resources to streamline the experience.

how can you serve your clients in an intentional way?

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Your clients deserve the freaking best. When I began in this industry I tried to figure out how to stand apart in a saturated market while serving my clients in a purposeful way.

The answer?

Client experience.

Let me tell you, it begins even before they even send you an email. It begins the minute they discover you.

I believe with this roadmap you can create a unique client experience so you can stand out, and lead your clients with intentionality. 

my name is nichole ...

and I'm passionate about serving my clients 

Why client experience?

You have the opportunity to treat them the way you would. Discover how to put that into action.

intentionally and purposefully.



The philosophy and understanding of what client experience is and why it's so important as a photographer.

Intentional activities to guide you towards to creating a client experience for your unique brand.

A step by step worksheet on building out the client experience from start to finish. A literal roadmap you can build and print off for everyday use.

 A look into our own personal client experience.

I'm ready!

created by a photographer, for photographers

She made the process so easy, and stress free. Not to mention our photos turned out better than I could have ever imagined. She is creative, fun, spunky and so talented. We couldn’t have picked someone better for a day we will always remember.

March 6, 2021

Gabby & Paul


Kind Words from my couples



Working with Nichole is such a breeze. She has the kindest and caring soul and such amazing energy! Having her by my side wedding day was, calming. Our family is so lucky to not only have her capture milestones but to be our friend too.

aug 29, 2020

Rachel & Tyler


Kind Words from my couples



Nichole is an entrepreneur I am inspired by. Not only does she have an amazing eye and talent, but she isn’t afraid to let her creativity show and push boundaries. Nicole has a heart to create but also a heart to guide and educate other business owners; which in a world that craves competition, her community mindset is refreshing and contagious. She has planted new ideas in me and has given me back the fire I have needed to really hone in on my own individual process to better my business and my client experience. You need her help more than you know! 


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