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I think it’s important to understand a photographer's approach to weddings. 

We truly believe that these images will be the beginning of your legacy, in fact you’re already doing that. Your story matters. We want your wedding images to stand the test of time, for you to look back and remember how it felt.

For us it’s simple: We capture the stories behind moments that become legacy.

We can be as hands off or hands on, when it comes to your wedding day. When we need to be a fly on the wall, we do that. When we need to step in and help, we are there for you. From helping brides put on their dress, to tying ties, putting on boutonnieres we’ve been there for it all. 

We end up spending quite a bit of time with our wedding couples on their day, we want to be sure we are not only advocating for their wishes but there for them in other capacities.

As far as photographing the day, I like to step back and just document what is happening around me. We like to cover the full day from just before the couple gets on their wedding attire to the first dance.

I love to be in the background and capture you being yourselves. I love observing family and friends get ready with the couple. There’s no pressure for you or your wedding party, I’m there for the moments that unfold naturally. 

There won’t be any posing or direction much until we do group and family portraits.

Throughout the day we will be documenting those little in between moments and interactions amongst everyone.

Whether you choose to do your portraits before or after the ceremony (depending on a first look or not), we will spend up to 30 minutes together capturing just the two of you. I really emphasize taking time do couples portraits for a few reasons. One, you don’t really get a whole lot of time to spend JUST the two of you, so this a moment to breathe and just enjoy each others presence. A lot of the shots I get of the two of you will be very interactive and emotive. I want this to be about the two of you, and capture the essence of your relationship. This will be super relaxed, and interactive.

All our couples are different and we are prepared to do first looks, if you choose. If you choose to do all your photos prior to the ceremony, we will spend up to 30 minutes on your wedding party photos. We will get a handful of group shots, and individuals with each bridal party member. These are timeless portraits we like to provide to every wedding couple.

During the ceremony we are hands-off. We let everyone go through the motions as they would during any ceremony, and try to be as inconspicuous as possible. I’m petite enough that I'm usually up front towards the ceremony capturing the small details, and Kyle's usually towards the back of the aisle getting the bigger picture.

Typically following the ceremony we will organize and jump into family formals. These are the most traditional types of photos we will capture during the day. I always recommend family formals with your closest immediate family, these will be timeless images to look back on (especially the ones with your grandparents).


We capture about 30 minutes - 1 hour of the dance, especially those first dances. 

We will capture some details from the reception set up and guests interacting during cocktail hour. Once it’s time to eat, we ask to be seated amongst guests so we can be immersed in the crowd. We eat when you eat (typically people don’t like being photographed while eating) Once it’s time for cake cutting and toasts we will nonchalantly be there to capture those moments as well.


our style ...

Our images are cinematic, artistic, timeless and genuine. We believe in providing true to color images with an editorial style to them. We love being artistic, and really emphasizing our editing to fit how the moment felt.

images that stand the test of time as the start of your legacy.

our soulmate couples

+ Soulful and lighthearted

Down-to earth, soulful, light-hearted kind of people. We are both really down to earth and laid-back sort of people, and we tend to work with the same kind of people.

+ Appreciates art

Those who are open to our artistic ideas and allow for us to be creative when the time calls for it.

+ Values slowing down 

Couples who aren’t fussy about the little details, and find value more in experiences and moments. Because at the end of the day people don’t care if the decorations are a little off, or if we get a little off schedule. At the end of the day our couples really care about celebrating their love with the people they love the most.

+ Values photography

Values photography and art. We put a lot of heart and soul into our work, and working with couples. We don’t just show up, take photos, and leave. From the minute you book we are invested in providing you with a great experience. Our couples understand that we put a lot into their wedding day, before the wedding day even happens. Overall we just love working with people who we vibe with and enjoy slowing down to appreciate the small moments.


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